Saturday, 13 February 2016



If you are a blogger, web masters, web designers, internet marketer, surely you should be heard about SEO. So what is SEO. It is elaborated as search engine optimization. From this you can get the meaning. Yes, we are optimizing our blog according to search engine algorithm to rank in search engines. It is very crucial part of internet marketing or digital marketing. We need very patient and some tips and tricks to rank our webpage in search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc. Most of the web masters and seo analyst more focusing on optimizing their web page in accordance with google algorithm since it is the world's most used search engines people using for searching on internet. seo tips and tricks for web masters and seo experts(beginners top and easy guide) There are two type of search engine optimization methods such as 1.White hat seo 2.Blach hat seo so what is white hat seo? White hat seo techniques are those techniques web masters and seo analysts uses to rank their web pages which strictly obey the rules and regulations of google and other search engines algorithm. This type of seo technique is very take long time to rank the web page to top of the search engine results page. By you are using this, you are not penalized by search engines. You should have enough patient and inspiration to accomplish this task. Here Read seo tips and tricks for web masters Next What is black hat seo ? Obviously it is the seo techniques that against the rules of search engine algorithm. It is more chance of getting penalized. But this technique is done in the right way by keeping almost some moral values, you can survive on it. Some seos do automatic content generation using kontent machine to rank and link building process. Even kontent machine is good and quality one But if there is you have grown up your domain authority, you have so much trust in the eye of google and you can perform well in internet marketing and world. malayalam songs download onam wishes and quotes

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